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My unique life

Ramblings of a near 25 year old! :D

12 August 1982
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I'm 24 years old. I'm a bloke. I'm currently working for my local cinema whilst thinking about where I want to go in life.

I watch far too much TV but enjoy most of it. My current shows (in order of recent enjoyment) are:

-Without A Trace
-Open All Hours

That's it for now! :P

I'm also into my music and my books. At the moment I'm in-between books, deciding what to read next. I also try to get to see my friends as often as I can and I like alcohol (lager preferably) and playing computer games. I'm currently replaying Broken Sword 1 thanks to ScummVM.

By all means join in my world, read my journal and friend me but make sure you say hello if you do!

Current background is from the TV show "House" and was made by sincerly_juicy and my current mood theme is also based on House. It features the gorgeous (but really annoying) Dr Cameron and was made by the good folks at crackified.

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