The Time Is Near


Once again I've been defriending a few people who haven't updated for AGES!!!!! If that's you and you want to be kept then let me know!
The Time Is Near


Well, this is it. The End. Finito.

I'm really sad actually, I've had an absolute blast doing this. Today has flown by in a haze of surfing, comments, entries, IM's, Youtube videos and everything. You guys have been awesome and we've all raised a lot of money for charity.

I can't wait for my finally tally to be worked out, I'm very, very proud of myself, and it's not often I can say that.

*sniff* I don't want it to end actually, I can see why some of the A-schedulers came back.

You guys rock!

Until next year (or you can friend my LJ),

This is Gledster's last entry (possibly).
The Time Is Near

48/49 -Yeah, I've missed some I know...

Thanks to all the people who've taken the time to comment and work with me to help complete Blogathon 2007. You guys are awesome!

  • Anna

  • Sarah R L Boese

  • Jellee

  • rebekkah_srl

  • Glo Paint

  • Lawsy

  • Imperfect Christian

  • Derek

  • wewerethecoolkids

  • Alanna

  • Lady Campbell

  • Mom on Coffee

  • DJ Acid

  • Noelle

  • Renee

  • Yoshi

  • Jaynee

  • rhodilee

  • Tucker

  • YeePei

  • Patrick D.

And of course, all my wonderful
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The Time Is Near


Yeah, two more to go!

Blogger seems to be playing up. After a whole day of using Semagic to post to Blogger without a problem something's screwed up somewhere meaning I'm having to type this into Blogger manually, the slow and annoying way.

I was going to do a full list of who has commented and say "Thank you" but I can't focus that much right now. I will do one at one point, probably the nex time my brain is working.

What I WILL do now is post my final sponsors list (as it stands so far):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thanks to all those who sponsored me!

Nearly at the finish line so as long as Blogger doesn't crap on me anymore it'll be fine!
The Time Is Near


Yeah, you read that right, post 46/49. 3 MORE to GO. WOOO!

A little while ago someone posted a Stephen Lynch video. I think he's awesome so I'm gonna post one too! :D

Craig Christ:

This guy can SING, he's got a rubber face and he can play the guitar too. No wonder he's famous!
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The Time Is Near

43/49 - The Secret of Monkey Island

When I started this I mentioned video (computer) games and so far I've featured NOTHING on that topic. Well, here's something. My most enjoyed game of all time:

This game was perfectly made. The controls were spot on; the puzzles were logical, or if not logical, fit in with the game's humour, the jokes were consistent and always funny, and it just kept surprising you. If you can find a chance to play this I recommend it!
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