The Time Is Near


This just describes my feeling right now:

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Sorry this is late, Photobucket was playing up :(
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The Time Is Near


Okay so we're on the home straight now. 9 more posts to go.

I've still got stuff to waffle on about. I wanted to do a Thank You post but I'll save that. Instead I'll talk about films. I work in a cinema, generally if you do that it's because you want to watch films. I do. I'm MORE into my TV at the moment but I love films. So here's a quick list of present and upcoming films I want to see:

Transformers - no, I haven't seen it yet. Looks awesome
Simpsons - Do I need to say more?
Bourne Ultimatum - I've seen the other two and this looks just as good.
I Am Legend - Will Smith, again, need I say more?
Waitress - Nathan Fillion kicks butt, plus it's looks funny. :)

Also, I need to catch White Noise 2 on DVD and LOADS of others. I think this is enough to keep me busy for a while though.

That'll do me for now.
The Time Is Near


Don't really want to say anything here except:

Ten posts to go

Plus my PC is running a lot better since I've rebooted.
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The Time Is Near

35/49 - Quick post

I'm cooking tea/supper. Simple food (tinned chicken and frozen veg) but it means I haven't been able to compose a really long post. My next post will have a webcam shot too. :)

I'm REALLY grateful to more people right now:

Frykitty running Blogathon's main site for drawing me as winner of the latest game!


So I've got food and more sponsorship and only 14 more entries to go :D.

*bounces more*

And I haven't had any canned drinks yet, just water all day! :D
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The Time Is Near


So here's a big:

Thank you

to all my sponsors who are listed below in picture form as it's quickest:

You are all amazing.

Thank you!